About me

I fell into photography completely by accident. I was like 15 or  something and my mother told me I should do some activities outside of  school. Without forcing me in any way, she brought me to a place where  they teach all kinds of stuff like dance, yoga, comedy, improv,  marquetry and… not photography per se but development of analog films  (B&W only). That sounded like fun, so I chose that class.

But  in order to develop analog films, you have to take pictures first. So I  did and I had so much fun back then taking pictures, developing films  and putting photos on paper that I got hooked.
So hooked that at some  point, when I finished high school without knowing what to do with my  life, I decided to go to a photography school. I enjoyed it as much as I  could but French education system is not the best to enjoy learning.

I  learned a lot though, I had a lot of fun but, even though my  photography was getting better, I couldn't stop thinking that this  wasn't what I wanted to do for a living. I considered myself not good  enough in a field full of way more talented people than me already  struggling to earn their lives. I was so afraid that, if I did this for a  living, that I would be forced to do shitty jobs that would make me  disgusted with photography.

So I kept it as a hobby. And here we are.

If you wish to contact me, please reach out on 🐦 Twitter or 🐘 Mastodon.