Miscellaneous pictures. The kind I can't really file as portraits or landscapes.

  1. A picture of a crosswalk with a blooming tree, a red street lamp, a growing field of crops on the other side of the road on a sunny day

    A pedestrian point of view

  2. Two very different building in Rotterdam, a short old one with red bricks and round corners, a tall new one mostly of glass with sharp corners behind the first one.

    Old and new

  3. Buildings in Rotterdam made of red bricks, decorated with plants and trees, connected to each other with black bridges

    Place of living things

  4. A wooden bridge covererd with moss deep in a dense forest

    Blending bridge

  5. Picture of a window from inside a house with trees under the golden hour outside

    Shuffle 24 - 8/4/1

  6. Front of a house with a blooming flower pot on the edge of a window and growing vine on the wall

    Shuffle 23 - 3/7/9

  7. Black and white close up on a pile of wood trunks

    Sticky constellations

  8. Close up on a open purple flower inviting insects to get its yellow nectar

    Invitation to nectar

  9. Black and white picture of woods with different textures from trees and heathers

    Woods textures

  10. View of a cemetery from a tombstone on a sunny day

    Last point of view

  11. Close up on sailing boat with a statue of Buddha on deck wearing a sailor hat on its head

    Sailor Buddha

  12. Small clearing in some woods covered with moss

    Comfy woods

  13. Still life of a buffet with a small donky statue and a vase full of enlighten tulips on

    The donkey with tulips

  14. Black and white picture of window blinds from inside a room

    Shuffle 21 - 3/4/20

  15. Black and white picture of tall and straight buildings in the back and curvy structure photobombing


  16. A picnic table in a flowery garden on a sunny day

    Let's have a picnic

  17. Purple flower with hook shaped stamens

    Hooked on a feeling

  18. Black and white path in a forest on a sunny day

    Shadowy path

  19. View of a garden with succulent plants behind bushes

    Door to the tiny garden

  20. View of a building with a metallic wavy red porch

    Shuffle 18 - 2/7/8

  21. A yellow and pink flowering trees behind a white wall and under a blue sky

    The new beginning

  22. Glimpse of a bedroom in the early morning through the door frame

    Shuffle 17 - 18/14/11

  23. A man standing in front of the outside menu of a yellow sea food restaurant in a colorfull street

    Colors to go

  24. Leafless branches tree hanging over a pond on a raining stormy day

    The thunderstorm tranquility

  25. Close up on a wisteria blooming

    Shuffle 16 - 6/13/22

  26. View of a street from a café with lines everywhere and someone outside passing by the window

    Hold the line

  27. Black & white treetops, a bigger one with a few leaves growing and a smaller one with blooming flowers

    Sprawling life

  28. Picture of a bell displayed on a sideboard full of other trinkets

    Silent bell

  29. white picture with darker tree trunks creating black erratic lines

    Shuffle 15 - 15/5/3

  30. Entrance of a house with a lot of plants and flowers

    Flowered entrance

  31. Enlighten house behind a wall and tree by night

    Shuffle 14 - 14/3/15

  32. Old ivy covered house in a village with a shop on the first floor

    Bearded house

  33. Statue of David Hume in Edinburgh with a yellow traffic cone on the head

    Humor me

  34. An ancient door made of wood before small stone stairs

    Behind the closed door

  35. Close up on a colorful flowerbed

    Blooming rainbow

  36. Old british corner house in a small village between two crossing road with a small angle.

    Cornered home

  37. Small mushrooms on rocks

    Fungus parvum

  38. Close up on a blooming cherry tree with some petals being taken away by the wind

    Shuffle 12 - 4/10/6

  39. Young woman with a phone in her hands stepping away from an ancient massive headstone in a cemetery

    Disdain for the old

  40. Bookcase from the side enlighten by outdoor light, with a open book stored in it

    Shuffle 11 - 18/12/20

  41. View of inside a thrift shop where a dummy acrobat is hanging from the ceiling above a client who's just looking for clothes

    The romantic acrobat

  42. A lot of stacked stones progressively covered with moss

    As the moss grows

  43. Statues of medicine workers in front of Surgeons' hall museum in Edinburgh

    Stand for medicine

  44. Blurry corner of a enlighten window in the night

    Shuffle 10 - 2/2/14

  45. View of a passageway in a wall maintained garden with a gigantic stone in the foreground at the bottom of the picture

    Rock bottom

  46. A person watching a lake on a crooked pontoon


  47. Princess Beatrice's conic cairn in Balmoral forest

    Princess Beatrice

  48. Front of a shop with a white cat sitting on the steps of the front door

    The guardian with whiskers

  49. Symmetric view on a the front of a city hall

    City hall

  50. Close up on white slender flowers blooming except for the top bit

    The last bit

  51. Frontal lights in the dark behind a fence

    Shuffle 08 - 15/14/6

  52. Stairway in the dark with a big window at the top. Symmetry and lines everywhere in the picture

    Get in line

  53. An armchair in a youth library with a drawing of a giraffe on the wall behind it

    Throne of reading

  54. Flora slowly but surely taking over a man built stone terrace


  55. A cropped view on a zen garden with a pond, water plants, a walkway

    Little piece of zen

  56. View through a stone window on shores with Edinburgh in the background

    Framed tides

  57. Round lampshade with the light on on a white ceiling

    Shuffle 05 - 9/5/3

  58. Framed view of the entering stairway to a cemetery with people going up and down

    The last resting place

  59. Bright still life picture of a crystal ball, a candlestick and a potted plant on a black furniture with a very bright white background

    Shuffle 04 - 14/6/16

  60. Close up on a blooming yellow flower with an already bloomed flower in the background

    Blooming sun

  61. A man sitting on a bed in the a dark bedroom with only one source of light

    Shuffle 03 - 2/4/9

  62. Close up on mushrooms growing on a mossy rock

    Tiny grove

  63. Creeping plant full of flowers colored from purple to white on a building in Edinburgh


  64. Seeing through a frame two woman are looking down on a pond with one of them pointing something in it

    Oh look!

  65. A hand reaching for the light in a dark environment

    Shuffle 02 - 1/13/18

  66. Bell tower of a church made of black stone and shutters painted in red

    Blood church

  67. A special grainy tree in forest with a lake in the background

    Grainy tree

  68. A massive emerging rock on a beach with a crow sitting at its top

    This is my rock

  69. Red strings as branches coming from a burned tree and a log put in front of it to sit on

    Pulling strings

  70. Backlight picture of a duck in a foreground and a lake and hills in the background


  71. Blooming white flowers on a plant stem with a few late buds

    Late for the party

  72. Partially paved road around a symmetrical axe

    Paved road

  73. A cozy little scottish cottage made of stone with a sunset light

    Cottage at sunset

  74. A sheep on top of a hill on sunset

    Sun worsheepper

  75. A small person in a yellow jacket facing a way bigger hole in a hill

    Small hole

  76. A woman lying down on a bench right under the shadow of a tree on a rural path

    Have a break

  77. View of the Scott monument in Edinburgh hidden behind trees

    The tallest tree

  78. Close up of a plant with hairy leaves and mauve flowers

    The fluff and the mauve

  79. Composition of a bush in the foreground and a neverending water pool in the background

    What lies beyond the water

  80. Suspended plant pots and others tall green plants in an old green house

    Green house

  81. An old wood cabin with a mossy roof under trees


  82. A second hand clothes shop highly decorated from the floor to the ceiling

    Shop of many things

  83. A single red flower in a vast plain of grass with a loch and a mountain in the background


  84. Close up on a cairn of mossy rocks

    Rock & Moss

  85. Close-up of pink petals flowers in a subtle sunlight

    Rays of salvation

  86. An opulent tombstone, much like a temple, with columns and a roof enclosed in a small area with walls

    Last home

  87. Someone standing on the top of a hill and their reflection in a puddle of water behind them

    The other world

  88. Stairway starting in the dark and leading to a very light bay window

    Manicheist stairway

  89. An old castle up a hill in the background and a fence with a street lamp in the foreground

    No trespassing

  90. Pagan circle of stone on grass with sheeps nearby

    Sheep summoning

  91. A small two steps cascade on long exposure

    It comes and goes

  92. A stone stairway with flowery steps in a street

    Flowery steps

  93. A macro view on a particular flower with multiple hairy branches


  94. A close-up of a flower with pink petals and long yellow pistils in the center.

    Bloom now

  95. Sticks of burnt wood emerging from the ground and blooming flowers all around them


  96. Some tiny white flowers in the foreground and a pond in the background with what seems like floating in the air, just above the water, some metal plates with various shapes.


  97. Two empty chairs inside a hothouse garden

    Sit down

  98. A big root with some tiny new branches on some big rocks

    Sticks and stones

  99. Close up on various succulent plants

    Tiny forest

  100. A tree is going through a hole in a wooden wall

    Breaking in

  101. Close view to a wooden table with wooden blocks displayed evenly on it. Above the table are hanging several white sheets of paper. And a white wall covered in plants in the background.

    Earth and sky

  102. A view to a little crystal clear pond


  103. A pile of burned wood

    Ashes to ashes

  104. A long man built pond before a wooden tunnel

    Liquid corridor

  105. A woman's hand feeling the water of a small cascade through her fingers

    Lady of the fall

  106. Stream of water going in zig zag

    Zig zag

  107. A climbing plant around a metal bar

    Breaking free

  108. A plant full of violet flowers

    Blossom like there's no tomorrow

  109. A little pond full of plants


  110. A very knotty tree knot

    Got knots?

  111. A water plant coming out of the water

    Like a painting

  112. Wooden sculptures of people in a wooden area

    People of the woods

  113. Snake-like sculpture made of wood sticks meandering between trees

    Follow the roots

  114. Hole of light with roots hanging

    Under the roots

  115. Contemporary stained glass

    The glass door

  116. A woman going through an arch in a medieval street

    Through the gate to the unknown

  117. A dark hallway to go through

    Dark alley

  118. An old lady in a yellow street watching at some Tattoo shop

    Someone gives this lady a tattoo

  119. Small hole in a wall with a garden behind

    Window on courtyard

  120. Trace of paw on a napkin

    Somebody came this way

  121. Frame made of a metallic fish with a garden behind

    Russel Page garden

  122. An abandoned church with the sun in place of the bell tower

    God, is it you?

  123. Decorated chapel with contemporary art in an old chapel

    Chaumont-sur-Loire castle's chapel

  124. A cat and a dog napping together on a sofa

    Nap time

  125. A cat and a dog napping together

    Sometimes it just fits

  126. A flowery small house made of red bricks

    Red bricks everywhere…

  127. Framed castle within the window of an older castle

    The castle inside the castle

  128. A ceiling with a hole inside a building

    Window to the sky

  129. Inside a chapel

    St Hubert's chapel

  130. A hand coming out of a closet with the middle finger raised

    This closet is rude

  131. A dog sleeping between to people and having face smushed

    If it fits I sleeps

  132. 2 Mort Subite glasses with Mort Subite beer poured in

    Beer porn

  133. A cat in the night, in front of big open gates

    Master Meow, master of the Gate.

  134. View of a street with lines everywhere, in every direction

    Lines, lines everywhere

  135. Two chairs on a very colorful and complex carpet

    Interesting carpet

  136. A dog chilling on the grass of a flowery garden

    Grass & chill

  137. Morning sun defrosting frozen grass as it's rising

    Warmth of a morning sun

  138. Barely lit path on a very foggy night


  139. Close up on a sleeping dog


  140. A door barely lit in a cold autumn night in Paris

    Calm behind the door

  141. In a train wagon two legs are stepping out in the alley, one with pants and shiny dark shoes, the other with a skirt and shiny dark heels

    Same, but different

  142. A dog's paw emerging out of a blanket in front of a window with blinds

    Sunday morning :3

  143. A cute sleeping cat

    Purr purr

  144. A dog and a cat sleepig within each other paws

    Unexpected harmony

  145. A sleeping puppy with its tongue out

    Grüt !

  146. Wearing my shoes tied down to each other

    Your shoes

  147. An arm raising the middle finger with its shadow on the wall behind


  148. Pages of a comic book passing with long exposure

    Long Exposure

  149. Close up on a cat's head biting a hand


  150. Electric lines for trains

    From a low angle

  151. Clouds through nets


  152. A lied down cat watching through window blinds

    Good meowning

  153. View of a crowded train from the reflection of the ceiling

    Everybody is a nobody

  154. Path in the night during a snowfall with people going home after work.

    Let it snow

  155. Barely lit train station platform

    Train station quality time

  156. Light going through a dark staircase in an old parisian building

    Old parisian building

  157. Some piece of paper thrown in a basket

    A new beginning

  158. Cocktail with an orange slice under the rain

    Rain & sun

  159. Aisle in a supermarket with so much lines

    My shopping cart

  160. Lines in a walkway of the parisian tube

    Parisian's tube

  161. Some buildings seen through a tainted glass

    Through the glass

  162. Backlight of a woman looking through a window

    Looking at her kingdom

  163. Backlight of a woman in tunnel with light at the end

    Light at the end of the tunnel

  164. Small statue of a fisherman next to a red light

    The red fisherman

  165. A plush cat on a bed watching the screen of a laptop computer

    Peeping tom